Floor of the Valley Tour

$180 for 2 persons

As well as visiting the entrance to Bendeela Recreation Area, the tour includes Upper River and two other areas of the Valley. The tour includes a leg stretcher at the recently refurbished historical suspension footbridge in Upper River.

What’s included

  • 55 kilometre trike ride
  • 75 – 90 minutes tour (depends on leg stretching time!)
  • 10 minutes for photographs along the way
  • video taken from the handlebars of the trike, if available and requested

Mini Floor of the Valley Tour

$100 for 2 persons

The tour touches many areas within Kangaroo Valley, including Mount Scanzi, Bendeela, Barrengarry, Upper River and Beaumont. Views of Kangaroo Valley from many different places.

What’s included

  • at least a 20 kilometre trike ride
  • at least 30 minutes on the tour
  • tour includes riding through the village and crossing Hampden Bridge

Back to Back Tours for groups

$180 for 2 persons

KVTT only has one trike that can take one or two passengers. Many tours have occurred with four or more passengers by having back to back thirty minute tours and swapping over in the village car park. The back to back tours are priced on total time, so each additional tour brings the cost per tour down.

What’s included

  • at least 20 kilometre trike ride per tour
  • at least 30 minutes riding
  • tour includes riding through the village and crossing Hampden Bridge

Winery Tour

$295 or $370 for 2 persons

We are blessed with many wineries within a 90 minute round trip ride of Kangaroo Valley. Due to the heavy rain and landslips on the mountain roads around Kangaroo Valley, I have had to rethink the winery trike tours due to the extra time on the coastal side of the Shoalhaven area.

Winery trike tours to the coastal side of the Shoalhaven area, to meet the timings of the traffic control road escort over Cambewarra Mountain, now take longer. The trike tour now takes 3.5hours and is $370 including tasting fees – for one winery. The additional cost does however include a longer trike ride on the coastal side, in order to meet the ‘on the hour’ road train escort back into Kangaroo Valley.  I will endeavour to not sit in the traffic queue for longer than is necessary.  If you wish to spend an extra hour before the trike returns from the winery, the price will be adjusted.

A winery trike tour within Kangaroo Valley, to the Yarrawa Estate, Saturdays and Sundays only, remains at the original $295.  However, access is currently not available for Upper River and I will update when this trike tour can become available.

Winery trike tours to the Southern Highlands wineries are currently not possible due to the road closure on Barrengarry Mountain.  I will update when these trike tours become available.

What’s normally included

  • 45 minutes wine tasting and exploring the winery
  • 90 minutes of trike time to one winery (shortest journey out, scenic journey back), less if tasting time exceeds 45 minutes
  • Wine tasting fee included in price

Changes whilst traffic control operates

  • 1 hour max for wine tasting
  • up to 45 minutes extra trike tour on the coastal side, less if tasting time exceeds 1 hour
  • additional trike time is in one hour increments and can be used for additional wineries
  • Additional wineries can be added or the route taken altered and the tour price will be amended to suit the customised tour – as an example, a 2 winery tour on the coastal side would be $570 including all wine tasting fees and a local produce tasting platter at the second winery. Additional time at either winery though could incur an extra one hour charge

Multiple Trike Tours

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KVTT only has one trike that can take one or two passengers. In conjunction with other trike tour operators, multiple trikes can be provided for larger groups or events such as weddings

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